Sixth Grade Research Paper

Sixth Grade Research Paper-59
I don’t even remember the country I researched nor do I recall what I discovered in my inquiry.I just remember not enjoying it, not at all, and I loved writing even then. I know that I don’t want my students to be that kind of researcher.

I don’t even remember the country I researched nor do I recall what I discovered in my inquiry.

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The various extension activities have also provided my top-tier writers with an means to push themselves at every step of the way, meeting their needs, too.

After talking through what a research project is, and what it has been for them in the past, I explained how we would be using an environmental theme connection for the writing, but beyond that, the choice of a topic would be up to them.

I did provide a list of possible topics for those students who struggle with this part of the writing.

In the end, the topics ranged from Hybrid Cars to Nuclear Power to Genetically Modified Foods to Air/Water Pollution to Endangered Animals.

As teacher, I also was writing my own essay a day or two in front of them (my topic was Loggerhead Turtles, which connected to the novel, , that two classes were in the midst of reading, so my essay had two functions: make visible my writing process and give them information about Loggerhead Turtles).

I annotated my draft files, printed them out to share with students, found and corrected mistakes, and talked through what I was doing, both my struggles and my success.

The story includes a claim related to their rules to live by supported by textual evidence from their research.

I do provide instruction and examples during this step because from experience, I know that students will think every piece of information from each source is important and they will copy long passages from each source.

Then, as a typical sixth grader, she said it anyway. H.” I wish every conversation with my sixth grade students about classroom research projects were this positive.

Just as it is not easy to find the perfect ways as a teacher to engage young writers in the intricacies of research-based essay writing, it’s not so easy for them as writers to crack the code of this genre of composition, never mind be excited about it.


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