Skills Gained From Doing A Dissertation

You might also need to make decisions about what materials to use or how to schedule different phases of the project, and a good understanding of the project’s design will be critical.

These skills are important in the design and planning phase of a project: As a construction worker, you will be subject to building codes, environmental regulations, safety codes, and labor agreements.

The most often used and general definition of “research” is that it will lead to an original contribution to knowledge in a particular field of inquiry by defining, and then by answering or solving in a systematic way, an important question or problem. However, that nothing about that definition is hard and fast.

Depending on the discipline you work in, there will be different ways on conceiving what a valid or important research problem is and different methods for answering those problems. Sometimes the majority (even all) of a research project will involve documenting ideas or information that is already available.

Not all research leads to answers: sometimes research produces unusable results, or the inquiry leads to only more questions.

Sometimes the originality of a research project is that it straddles more than one field of inquiry.If you have office skills, including familiarity with word-processing, spreadsheets, and publishing software, have excellent telephone etiquette, and good organizational skills and communications skills, you can be an important asset.Even if you spend most of your time on-site, being able to pull into the office as needed is important if the office becomes short-staffed.To practice certain advanced skill sets, such as welding, you may need specialized training and appropriate licensure. Specific construction skills include bricklaying, carpentry, pouring cement, putting up drywall, and installing specific types of equipment.Be sure to tell your prospective employer the tasks that you have experience performing and the amount of experience, even if it is not directly relevant to the job for which you are applying.Anything related to the planning and erecting of physical structures involves construction.In spite of the “blue collar” stigma, technological advancements and growing economies worldwide leave construction work starving for manual labor.Employers typically appreciate versatile workers who can take on additional tasks as needed.Construction tasks may include: As a construction worker, you will not only have to be strong and dexterous, you will also have to be smart about how you use your body.When you do research in different contexts (for example, as part of a short level one undergraduate essay, a level two group report, or an honours-level dissertation) your work can appropriately be more or less systematic.This all adds up to the fact that “research” is a complicated topic that seems to mean a lot to academic experts but is very difficult to understand intimately when you are a novice.


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