Smoking Solution Essay

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However, in reality, the only harm is being done to the drug user, no one else.

I come from a high academic pressured environment, ultimately created by top notch public schools, a long line of success stories from previous students in this town, and the educated type of people that this city attracts.

During these hang outs, John would constantly step outside to have a smoke.

John offers others for a smoke, some decline and some accept.

A handful of teenagers fall under peer pressure to smoke.

If a teen’s best friend smokes, the likelihood of that teen smoking is increased 13 times compared to as if the best friend did not smoke.

The combination of high stress, the need to undermine the expectations held to them, as well as peer pressure, leads to smoking for many young individuals in my town.

Similarly, a couple of my friends are smokers who are attending prestigious schools, but carry on this bad habit into college.

Teenage smoking, which is perceived by a majority of teenage smokers as a phase that will pass, eventually becomes set in stone within the transition between high school and college.

Teenage smokers still in high school constantly deal with the horrendous scare that one day their parents might find out about their smoking habits.


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