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It helps us recognize which of our priorities might, for example, play an important role in another department’s work, which ones are time-sensitive, and which ones are not.Development of any kind needs to be able to react to changes in real-time, and to pressure from other teams.

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Although you can’t exactly predict the future, you can set up an infrastructure that will help you address issues as they arise or, perhaps, stop them from cropping up at all.

Subtle changes with the way you approach your workflow, as well as your workforce, can make a huge difference in the long run.

But, when it comes to finding the ideal approach, or the perfect process for solving any of the dozens of problems faced by the modern business, things get complicated.

means “signboard” or “billboard” in Japanese, and it’s a concept most commonly applied to “lean” or “just in time” production.

If your goal is to launch a new homepage on your website, you would break it down into smaller parts: write a certain section of code, create images, write content, do bug testing, and so on.

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What scrum does is allow us to build modular schedules that focus on collaboration.

That might make it seem like an unusual fit for the automotive industry, but Toyota recognized an important truth: Automobiles are, in their own special way, perishable goods.

New models regularly displace older ones, and unsold, outdated cars are an expensive millstone to have to keep around.“One of the main principles…is the goal of eliminating bottlenecks by imposing realistic limits on how much work is in progress, how much work is requested, and how much work is held off on the back burner.

In this case, what you don’t know As much as you might like to believe otherwise, you see the world through your own lens.

You can clearly see some problems and the solutions you think they necessitate, but that means others fall by the wayside.


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