Solved Problems In Thermodynamics

Solved Problems In Thermodynamics-40
Thermodynamics is one of the prime branches of physics, which deals with energy changes of all kinds and the interconversion between different forms of energy.It particularly deals with the conversion of heat and energy into useful work.Based on the information provided, look for the equation that provides a relation between the unknown and known quantities.

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Not only does it give you confidence, it increases your depth of understanding of the subject.

Knowledge of the subject, its concepts, and the precise application of that knowledge, is really the key to solving any problem.

This branch of physics is the forerunner of statistical mechanics and deals with the bulk or macroscopic parameters of the system like temperature, volume, and pressure.

It is an interdisciplinary subject and it spreads over various other branches of science and engineering.

In fact, it is a good idea to make a comprehensive list of physics formulas, that you can use anytime.

Most important equations are the expressions for the various thermodynamic potentials.One way, which can aid you in simplifying the problem, is stripping it down to the bare bones.Write down all the values of known variables, that have been supplied in the problem and write them clearly.Then, identify what exactly you are supposed to find in the problem. That will help you in seeing the solution more clearly. See that all the quantities are converted into a uniform system of units, before you proceed.This will ensure that you have a solution in the right units.These require you to work on the given clues and set up an equation for solution.They may require you to manipulate and solve the equations.Learning is a process and problem solving is where your understanding of the subject is thoroughly tested.The joy of having solved a problem on your own is incomparable.Some are just teasers (which are multiple-choice questions) meant to test your understanding of the subject.Know the nature of the problem and proceed accordingly.


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