Solving Communication Problems At Work

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With some time and communication, you’ll have no trouble dealing with workplace problems.An employee has recently had two deaths in her family and is going through a divorce.You also know some things about your spouse that increase the chance for communication to be successful.

That’s what communicating to the point of understanding can do. Men and women often seem to speak completely different languages.

Simply understanding those differences may disarm many of your frustrations in trying to communicate with your spouse.

Her work is suffering and she has made several errors.

This has affected her co-workers who have to correct her errors.

Although we never fought over this it was an ongoing source of tension.

One morning in the kitchen we got to the bottom of things.Your spouse may be able to meet some of your needs, but you’re responsible for finding the healthy friends, uplifting media, solitude, and time with God that your soul needs to be healthy.Seeking to understand is both a means of making your heart more open and a natural result of having an open heart.As a good manager or supervisor, it is your duty to resolve workplace problems.While the causes of workplace problems vary — personality conflicts, problem employees, faulty processes, or more — they all need to be resolved in a similar way.If you naturally talk a lot, this will mean framing your communication more clearly and succinctly.If you don’t talk easily, this will mean stretching yourself to do more talking because that will foster understanding between you.But there is an almost magic key to solving communication problems that can change everything. Your already-stirred-up emotions get even hotter and your response back makes them even more defensive. Is it any wonder that many spouses put up an internal wall and shrink from even trying to engage in real communication? Proverbs 18:2 says, “A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.” Did you get that?It’s a fool who focuses primarily on sharing his/her own thoughts and feelings. Here’s how that translates into communication with your spouse: Steven Covey made that principle popular years ago, but it’s never been more important for solving communication problems in marriage. Al wanted the TV on all night; I wanted the room quiet and dark.Al’s declining health made him fearful of dying during his sleep; rousing himself just enough to be aware of the TV reassured him he will still alive.I realized the sound was much more troublesome for me than the light from the TV screen. From then on we slept with the TV on – and on mute. Here are some ways to make this key work in your own marriage.


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