Solving Engineering Problems

Solving Engineering Problems-59
Scientists create a hypothesis and conduct experiments to verify their hypothesis. Let’s take a simple real-life problem and see how an engineer and a scientist approach this. If patching provides a temporary solution, how can we make sure that water will not leak again?

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As remarkable as these engineering achievements are, certainly just as many more great challenges and opportunities remain to be realized.

While some seem clear, many others are indistinct and many more surely lie beyond most of our imaginations.

The committee suggested these Grand Challenges fall into four cross-cutting themes: Sustainability, Health, Security, and Joy of Living.

This article was originally published on June 2, 2016.

Engineers will not look into the root cause of the problem but will provide an alternative solution to fix the issue.

Engineers start by defining the problem and make observations in order to understand the nature of the problem.But once a solution has arrived, it can provide new insightful information that can be used to solve a wider range of problems.In his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein calculated the angle at which light from a distant star would bend around the sun during a solar eclipse. How to design a brand new pipe that will not leak in the future?Both scientists and engineers improve the ways we run the world. They both have a good understanding of science and mathematics.These two careers may work in the same field but still, they are very different from each other.This helped him to prove his theory in a mathematical way. Engineer: Does changing the water pipe fix this problem?Today, people accepted his theory that light bends around massive bodies. Does patching the pipe solve this problem right now?This is a great process to arrive at a solution to any real-life problem.This is the reason that engineers are always preferred for their systematic approach to problem-solving.We can travel the globe with relative ease, and bring goods and services wherever they are needed.Growing computer and communications technologies are opening up vast stores of knowledge and entertainment.


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