Solving Environmental Problems

Solving Environmental Problems-2
Many now have forgotten that the ozone layer used to be one of the biggest worries back in the eighties.

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Keeping a natural balance is the main task and means to avoid irreversible destruction.

READ ALSO: Types of environmental problems in Nigeria READ ALSO: Environmental pollution in Nigeria: issues and solutions Environmental pollution in Nigeria is a human-made problem.

But since then, the ozone hole has stopped growing, and it is now slowly shrinking.

In 2014, it had a maximum size of 24.1 million km2.

The 2 degree solution requires that we reduce the emissions of the problematic gases by 40-70 percent before 2050, and then continue to reduce emissions further until 2100.

Even though Denmark is among the most climate-conscious nations of Europe, less than half of Danes consider the climate when they go to vote, and more than one in five do not believe that humanity can do anything to solve the problem.

Nigeria is a big country with beautiful nature, small and large rivers and picturesque forests inhabited by animals and birds.

It is like a coin with two sides: one side is its exquisite environment, the other one – industrial Nigeria.

You will hardly find at least one person, who does the shopping and wonders where all those things come from and what kind of natural resources are regularly used to produce all that for his needs. Stop and think for a minute, what happens if all people start acting the same way?

Besides, some people are more likely to buy new things following modern trends. Read the article to study the primary environmental problems and solutions that may improve the situation in Nigeria!


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