Sports Complex Business Plan

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There are many complex factors in guaranteeing your sports complex will be a success.

In this article I will cover the three basic steps every recreational facility business plan must have.

The first step is to choose a general site location then study and develop a report on the area’s demographics.

You do not have to have an exact location picked out, but you at least need the neighborhood location.

From that point draw a radius out to include about 25 miles or no more that a 45 minute drive from that location.

You look around and see all the people participating; you do a quick calculation in your head and think to yourself…”man this guy is making a fortune here! ” I can tell you that in my experience I have heard that statement countless times from customers.

However, if you are really serious about perusing that dream job, you need to complete a proper plan first.First, we will have a planning summit meeting where we will develop a timeline of steps and projects.These projects include site preparation, zoning and permits, construction, selecting vendors, brand development, pre-opening marketing, pre-opening staffing, staff training, registration software, and bookkeeping systems, banking, communications, operations systems, and safety and risk management.Sports Facilities Advisory uses financial forecasting models and market research to solve problems and uncover revenue-generating opportunities wherever possible.The feasibility process will give you a better understanding of the sports facilities business and improve on your original idea.Finally, our optimization services are available to successful sports facilities seeking to enhance returns, and can also help struggling or under-performing facilities that need help getting back on track.We begin with a comprehensive review of your facility, staff, operations, and finances.With our resources, we can prove to investors that your project will be successful, and thus secure funding for you.The opening of your sports complex begins long before the groundbreaking ceremony takes place.Our team will make sure everything is executed properly and by set deadlines, making sure your sports complex will open on time.Now that your sports complex is open and ready for business, our Sports Facility Management team can step in with our expertise to manage the facility.


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