Steam Car Wash Business Plan

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Customers who have sought out your interior and detailing services might not only be interested in a spotless exterior and an immaculate interior, but they may even be interested in services under the hood.

Whether you have the proper facility and equipment to degrease an engine with chemicals and a hot water pressure washer, a commercial-grade steam cleaner or a dry ice jet machine, the ability to offer safe engine compartment cleaning can be an easy way to upsell and offer a true full-package service.

Using dry steam makes these cleaning jobs a piece of cake.

Not only can steam get into nooks and crannies, but the dry time is very minimal, if at all.

This way, they know their cars are clean, and they may even become regular customers for the sake of sanitation.

Also, do not forget to use social media to spread the word. Customers with younger children may not bother to clean their interiors regularly because they dread having to remove car seats and sort through all of the things that have accumulated in their vehicles after having kids.For carwashing and detailing businesses, you may be missing out on revenue from services you have not considered or heard of because they are not typically seen in this market.Here are some add-on service ideas to give your carwashing and detailing business a needed competitive company’s social media channels or in your brochure, under the detailing or interior cleaning section, you probably have attention-grabbing photos of spotless interiors to help your customers envision the results if they come to your business.In fact, without specialized equipment to provide mobile carwashing and detailing services, such as a van, generator, water reservoir, pressure washer, reclamation mat or, for some businesses, just a commercial steamer that does not generate any wastewater, your only option may be to look into waterless solutions that rely on chemicals.Where you may be able to gain some new business is from repeat customers who would prefer using your services over those of someone with whom they have no experience.These challenges have spawned an entirely new segment of business coupled with the ability to have your own smartphone app made for scheduling and paying for services.But, you do not have to go that far to potentially get a piece of the action.Attend any industry trade show and you will see no shortage of businesses wanting you to consider adding their products or services.Some of the more popular offerings may not require tons of investment capital.What if you approached interior cleaning services not only from a cosmetic angle but also from a sanitation angle?Car interiors are breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria and health-related infestations, which is probably the cause of that funky odor fresheners can only mask.


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