Sustainability Research Paper

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Methods of tillage must be carefully undertaken to insure that erosion does not become a larger concern on a continual basis.

If proper time is not taken, if the risk of wind or water erosion is not viewed as serious degradation, environmental waste factors come to play. Near-by lakes and streams can become polluted through the transfer of nitrogen into the water and various other chemicals used in corn production.

Soil and Groundwater Pollution • Contaminant fate and transport processes • Contaminant site investigation technology • Soil and groundwater remediation technology • Risk assessment in contaminant sites 3.

Air Pollution and Climate Change • Ambient air quality management • Greenhouse gases control • Gaseous and particulate pollution control • Indoor air quality management and control 4.

However, methods of conservation tillage techniques and higher corn yields have slowed degradation greatly.

Both the higher amount of corn planted and the tillage technique yield greater levels of organic material in the soil. Environmental Protection Agency, the quantity of fuels used in corn production is decreasing with the possibility that fossil fuel usage in field crop production can be reduced by almost 50% with no-till technology.Therefore, studies illustrate that the American farmer is ready and willing to work within the goals of sustainability with out environmental degradation.Study after study has concluded that implementing sustainability measures into farming methods lends to profit, but at what cost to the environment?An example of reinterpretation is the transition from traditional farming systems to biologically sound farming methods that reduce the number of traditional chemicals and waste in an antiquated system.Not looking towards development of sustainability in crops is denial of the problem altogether.Environmental degradation is of the highest concern in an era of modernity that is just beginning to reap the effects of the industrial age, the age of profitability.Industrial society marks a time in history that transitions humanity from being at the mercy of the environmental risks such as disease, flood, famine, and the like, to risks that are deliberately undertaken by individuals or the society with the goal of man’s mastery over nature through technology.According to the EPA, sustainability can be achieved without environmental degradation, as proved by the study of farming systems across the nation and particularly the one discussed previously in Missouri.Farmers, when given the opportunity to chose methods of sustainability, are more than willing to choose methods that are beneficial to the environment while enhancing the health and economic welfare of their community.Research has revealed that farms are less concerned about profitability and would rather focus on the health concerns of farming.Of course, profitability was second and sustainability and environmental concern ranked third.


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