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Energy efficiency is becoming a crucial public issue in NZ, so the recent 'warm Up NZ' programme to subsidise house insulation for healthier homes, was one welcome response, also bringing health benefits.Interest is growing in electric vehicles too, although the energy involved in making them is still 50% of the total energy required in the vehicle's lifetime, whatever its 'fuel' type.

If all humans on earth lived as we do we would need several planets, but there's only one available to share.

You might have seen which features some NZ examples.

Read our background information on waste issues at home.

Also read background information on shopping impacts and choices.

We waste renewable hydro-electricity by not wrapping hot water tanks and not insulating the ceilings of heated rooms.

We waste power by using inefficient filament light-bulbs instead of compact fluorescents or LEDs and by leaving equipment such as TVs and microwave cookers waiting on 'stand-by' overnight.

In homes, we burn coal, damp wood and fuel oil, rather inefficiently, to heat our poorly-insulated living spaces, whilst creating unhealthy smog for some areas in the winter.

Older houses are damp and cold, often mouldy - hazardous for the elderly and asthmatics.

The typical New Zealand household and lifestyle is not anywhere near as 'clean and green' or "100% Pure" as photos of our wonderful remote landscapes might first suggest to tourists, or to purchasers of exported farm produce!

You'd probably like to be Keeping it Pure, however, and agree that New Zealanders need to Internationally, sustainability issues include a fast-expanding and resource-hungry human population, fossil-fuel burning that accelerates global warming, the imminent peak in cheap oil production (when total demand exceeds easily-affordable supply) and persistent pollutant chemicals and plastics being spread globally in air and oceans.


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