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Image: SID:3 Framework Following development of the strategy, the focus in the ‘Define’ phase is to effectively develop a blueprint for the integrated delivery of output performance.As the project reaches detailed design, implementation and commissioning, the systems integration function builds on the previous layers within the framework, focusing on robust systems engineering techniques and established management processes to deliver the desired result.Efficient and effective technical expertise is required to plan and design to overcome these difficulties.

More and more, systems engineering is being adopted in the transport industry due to its ability to capture client and stakeholder needs, develop capabilities, improve processes by articulating physical and functional outcomes from a system, and synthesise the requirements of a system and its components early in the project life cycle.

The benefit of starting at the beginning of the project life cycle is that a valid solution is found the first time around and can be matured from early feasibility through multiple concepts and then final design.

“Crucial to achieving this is understanding user needs and stakeholder requirements.

Much of humanity’s efforts in the developed and developing world aim to overcome the “problems” created by changes in science, technology and the effects of these on society.

But, once understood, the concept of 'systems thinking' can become an effective approach for problem solving and decision-making.

We hear the word "system" used in all different places.

Knowledge gained by traditional and systems sciences has been implemented in technological developments and devices.

This has often led to unforeseen consequences such as pollution, unemployment, and scarcity of resources.

Delivering a truly integrated outcome depends on a comprehensive understanding and framing of the problem during the earlier phases, in order to deliver an effective output when applying the SID3 framework throughout the project lifecycle.

Image: SID:3 Lifecycle The Thameslink Programme revolutionises the North-South mainline railway connectivity through the heart of London.


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