Sythesis Essay

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With a little research and creativity, synthesizing the ideas of others can lead to something completely original.

Present your ideas clearly, and cite any sources you use, even if you disagree with them.

Depending on the synthesis assignment, you may be asked to argue, explain, compare or contrast some points contained therein.

When writing such an essay, you can use information from any sources you will find helpful, such as other academic papers, newspaper articles, reports and even non-written sources, such as lectures, cartoons, and graphic stories.

If your source material leaves you feeling that something is wrong, you've got a great starting point for your thesis. Your essay must have a strong structure to be effective. This lets the reader follow your process, and adds credibility to your work.

If your ideas conflict with the source material, write about that also.

Before starting on any paper, it is essential to understand the given task correctly to avoid some common mistakes associated with it So, what is a synthesis essay, anyway?

The synthesis essay is based on the analysis of information from different sources.

A synthesis essay lets a writer use ideas from two or more sources and combine them to make something new and different.

Information from your sources should be presented clearly in your own words.


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