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Save that for a bit, until your drafting really gets rolling.

The thesis statement, which is what you're setting out to prove, will be the first thing that you write, as it will be what you'll need to find support for in the text and in research materials.

Maybe you'll discuss theme, symbolism, effectiveness of the work as a whole, or character development.

You'll use a formal writing style and a third-person point of view to present your argument.

"civilization" in "Huckleberry Finn," analyze the effectiveness of satirist Jonathan Swift's criticisms of government at the time, or criticize Ernest Hemmingway's lack of depth in his female characters.

You'll formulate your thesis statement (what you want to prove), start gathering your evidence and research, and then begin weaving together your argument.

As the writer, you will come up with a topic to analyze the work of literature around and then find supporting evidence in the story and research in journal articles, for example, to make the case behind your argument.

For example, maybe you want to discuss the theme of freedom vs.

Without examples from the text, your argument has no support, so your evidence from the work of literature you're studying is critical to your whole analytical paper.

Keep lists of page numbers that you might want to cite, or use highlighters, color-coded sticky notes—whatever method will enable you to find your evidence quickly when it comes time in the essay to quote and cite it.


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