The Biggest Misunderstanding Essay

Engaged patients adhere to or comply with a treatment regimen given to them by healthcare professionals, while engaged consumers are accountable for their overall health status and the costs of achieving that health status, he elaborates.Understanding these differences can help transform health IT systems and how these systems are designed to serve patients and consumers, Mr. As healthcare IT systems currently exist, there are insufficiencies in the way patients and consumers alike can utilize platforms.But most of this capital, and these headlines, are having a dangerous effect on founders and the companies they’re building.

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Nowhere in anything we’ve written publicly or discussed privately about have we said we’re only interested in “modest, cashflow businesses”.

The message this article, and all others in modern startup media, sends to founders is that unless you’re raising significant stockpiles of cash and giving up ever increasing amounts of your business to be controlled by outside investors, you’re not going big.

You just need the data from whatever device is doing the monitoring exposed directly to the consumer in a manner that integrates with the consumer's life".

So what does a consumer need in terms of a consumer-facing IT platform?

But the two aren't synonyms, and the labels aren't interchangeable.

Patients are to squares as consumers are to rectangles. By definition, a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square. In healthcare, the same principle can be applied to patients and consumers.

But as we did our homework leading up to we found dozens of ambitious companies doing 10s and 100s hundreds, even billions, of dollars in revenue having never raised any meaningful outside capital.

The founders are controlling their destiny, creating cultures they’re proud of in companies they control.

Consumers have specific needs, ones that can't necessarily be serviced by business-centric platforms.

Instead, platforms such as CaféWell should "curate the ecosystem for the consumer" in a personalized, data-driven environment that is complementary to both traditional EHR platforms or insurance benefits platforms, Mr. And with the ever-growing emphasis on population health and the commitment to engage consumers in their well-being, platforms need to offer them access to adequate and effective tools.


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