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The wailing wall also had meaning to the main character Lily, who used the wall as her own personal means to mourn her deceased mother.

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There were lessons on the reality of racial issues as presented by Rosaleen’s experience and the touch of spiritual guidance provided by Lily’s reliance on her mother’s black Mary picture which indicates Tiburon, at the back.

The message depicted a vision of direction to the place where her mother was possible previously in.

Lily’s encounter with Rosaleen’s dilemma on being accosted to jail was instrumental in manifesting the surging emotion of fleeing to a more safe and secure place which would provide her with love and affection.

This was validated when she found her jar of bees empty.

Likewise, she manages to keep little mementos of Deborah’s things in a small tin which she buried in the orchards.

When she gets sad, like the time when her father ignored her upcoming birthday, Lily digs up the tin box as a sign that she needs reassurance from her mother.Lily decided to collect the bees that she sees in her room in a jar to prove to her father that they do exist.A story about how her mother died somehow gives credence to Lily’s guilt feelings.She lives with her father, who she calls T-Ray, a peach farmer who does not share enough time being with her.Likewise, her life evolves with Rosaleen, her nanny and housekeeper, who she loves as she is the only person who truly cares for her after having lost her real mother, Deborah.Summary: In Sue Monk Kidd's story The Secret Life of Bees, the wailing wall symbolizes suffering and death.May used the wailing wall to release some of the pain she felt over the loss of her twin sister April, so much so that the wall foreshadowed May's own death.The Boatwright’s own a successful honeybee farm and make “the best honey in the state”. Rosaleen was Lily’s housekeeper and caregiver in her home prior to their arrival at the Boatwright’s home.Lily has been wracked with guilt because at the age of four, she accidentally killed her mother when her...... The Secret Life of Bees: Insights into Leadership and Communication Introduction Life presents every person with many opportunities to take charge and evince leadership.The challenges she has to go through encompasses psychosocial theories which delves into concepts of trust (in oneself and in T-Ray), guilt (due to the death of her mother), isolation (feeling alone and lonely), role confusion (her perception of being a girl and not acting like one) and feelings of depair (due to the loss of Lily’s mother).One would definitely be enthusiastic to read more to find out how she would learn to cope with the development of her personality through the experiences that would unravel in the subsequent chapters and what would ultimately happen to Lily in the future. Analysis of Lily in “The Secret Life of Bees” Identifying Information Lily is a 14 year old girl who has been referred to family counseling by her adopted family.


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