Thesis Defense Refreshments

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Please visit the The MSU Writing Center, located in BW 224, provides tutoring and consulting to all students.

Although they are not an editing service, they provide instruction and support to writers who wish to become more effective communicators.

Consider questions, problems, or topics that have piqued your interest in courses you have taken.

Discuss these areas of interest and brainstorm with friends, professors, and other students. Remember that a long period of time will be spent working on this project, so it is important to choose a topic that will keep you interested and motivated throughout the process.

Ask students that are ahead of you in the program about the unwritten rules. It is likely your school requires at least a signature form for your committee to sign when they approve your proposal. Make notes of points you definitely want to share with your committee. When creating your powerpoint presentation, use phrases, not full sentences.

Some departments informally expect the student to provide refreshments. Determine what forms you need to bring with you to your meeting.

NOTE: Thesis are due to the Dean of the Graduate School no later than two weeks before graduation.

More information about the thesis submission timeline can be found A student’s original enrollment is in Thesis 6983; the second enrollment is in Thesis 6993; all subsequent enrollments are in 6993.

Enrollment is required each long term until the thesis is successfully completed, or a leave of absence of one semester is granted by the graduate dean.

Summer enrollment in thesis is not required unless the student will be an August graduate. 25) To find a topic of interest, begin thinking about possible thesis topics early.


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