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Thesis For Julius Caesar Essay-13
The character of Antony develops during the whole play. The first depicts his readiness to fulfill every order of the ruler, what can be connected with Brutus loyalty to Caesar.Despite the fact that both are conspirators, Antony has another role in the tragedy, which is limited by his own perspective.The point is that the plot develops around the relations of Caesar with Brutus, Antony, and Cassius, who similarly take a prominent position in the play.

In overall, Brutus loyalty bears a unique character due to his political and philosophical perspective, which is challenging to state about other characters connected with Caesar.

Mark Antony has a sense of loyalty to Caesar, but in contrast to Brutus, it reveals differently.

To learn how loyalty is portrayed in the tragedy, read through our “ William Shakespeare is a prolific person in the field of literature and drama, who is well-known for his works with a realistic plot.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar belongs to a list of the plays marking the writer’s unique approach to depict the historical events without any additional context.

By chairing the Republican conspiracy, Brutus intends to diminish the spirit of Caesar’s dictatorship whereas Antony predicts the rise of it (Shakespeare 3.1. With such an outcome, Antony’s loyalty to Caesar turns into the commitment to his political principles.

The character of Cassius is probably the most complex psychological image among the others.

A clear example is a scene when he applies to the people together with Brutus.

Their speeches implicitly reveal two contradictory political tendencies in regards to the events of that time.

In the list of the three characters, Shakespeare depicted three distinctive attitudes to the concepts of a state and a ruler.

He described loyalty mainly in these contexts, which each of the heroes viewed and followed due to their individual life principles and ideas.


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