Thesis On Project Failure

This essay examines the statement, “suppose a project is delivered within its constraints, but is then not used as it was intended or does not deliver the expected benefits. ” In order to examine this statement, the essay compares and contrast three complex projects/programmes in terms of project failure and project success.The three cases that will be examined in this essay are Fi Re Control, 2011; Heathrow Terminal 5 Programme, 2008 and Libra Project (Courts), 2003.Resources can be limited or surplus depending upon the region where the project is going to take place and client who is allocating the project.

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Smart people are required to manage the project efficiently under any given constraints.

Smart planning enables personnel to handle the project effectively.

It aimed at doing so by replacing the functions of 46 local fire and rescue services in UK by nine control rooms powered by a national computer system.

The project was rolled out in December 2004 but had to terminate in 2010 December due to series of failures (Phillips, 2003).

For a project to be successful, there are numerous factors required.

These include Smart people, smart planning, Open communication, Careful Risk management and String project closure.For instance, the time frame of the project can be 1 month or 1 year depending upon the urgency of the project.2.Cost: It is the budget allocated to complete the project.A project which gets completed under the impact of these constraints is only considered successful (Cattani, 2011).Constraints are also sometime act as project drivers that make project managers to handle a project in limited time, cost and resources. Time: It is the timeframe allocated to complete the project and produce desired results.For instance, client sets a fixed cost for every project and managers are required to complete the project in that allocated budget.3.Resources: These are type, amount and availability of the work to be done.Risk management is crucial as there can be numerous situations when projects can go off-track.A strong project closure is crucial otherwise the project will continue consuming resources.Normally, there are numerous constraints that impact the success or failure of a project.By definition, constraints are referred as limitations or problems that are leveraged to a project such as time, budget and resources.


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