Thesis On Venture Capital Financing

Thesis On Venture Capital Financing-37
Venture capital is an important source of finance for those small and medium sized firms which have very few avenues for raising funds.

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Machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data.9. Or vice versa pick traditional industry and research how founders having no technical background identified “blue ocean” and convinced vc guys to invest.

Pick any hot hot tech industry and go deeper into it.

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This article specifically looks at early stage investing.

Therefore venture capital is understood as capital that is available for financing a new business venture.

It is also often thought of as the early stage financing of new and young enterprises seeking to grow rapidly.

Venture capitalists are driven by the profit motive.

Venture capital funds invest in the company with a view to build and facilitate growth.

There is some confusion as to what a “thesis-driven approach” even describes in venture investing.

While Wikipedia helps us in defining the term as “a concept or idea that can be falsified by various (scientific) methods“, the application of this process may take two forms in venture.


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