Thesis Problems And Its Background

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The estimated annual medical costs and productivity losses due to seven major foodborne pathogens range from .6 billion to .1 billion (Buzby and Roberts, 1997).The responsibility for managing foodborne risks is shared throughout the system because the wholesomeness and safety of a food are influenced by all the people and processes that handle or transform it from production to consumption (Sobal et al., in press).Recently, President Clinton announced a plan to create a Joint Institute for Food Safety Research that will develop a coordinated strategy for conducting food safety research consistent with the above national initiative (Office of the President, 1998).

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Recent outbreaks involving such items as Guatemalan raspberries, hamburger, ice cream, and cereal have raised concern over the adequacy of the current system to ensure the safety of the US food supply.

The GAO, public interest groups, and several members of Congress have suggested the consolidation of the existing federal food safety structure into a single food safety agency (GAO, 1997).

The present legal framework is comprised of many inconsistent statutes and regulations, and implementing authority is spread among at least 12 federal agencies (Appendix A).

Such a fragmented structure requires heroic efforts at cooperation, communication, and coordination (federal agencies have reported more than 50 interagency agreements), but duplication of efforts and regulatory gaps are common.

Although estimates vary greatly, there is agreement that foodborne illness is a serious problem.

In the United States, an estimated 81 million cases of foodborne illness may occur each year (Archer and Kvenberg, 1985), resulting in as many as 9,000 deaths (CAST, 1994).

To improve the safety of the US food supply, in early 1997 President Clinton directed the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to develop a food safety initiative.

C) seeks to address hazards that present the greatest risk, make the best use of public and private resources, increase collaboration between public and private organizations, and improve coordination in the government.

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