Thing They Carried Essay

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The other narrative technique is that O’Brien retells certain events.

He retells how Curt Lemon died, he retells Mitchell Sanders telling a story, and he retells how women react when you tell them stories about the war.

The Things They Carried Rhetorical Analysis Essay In The Things They Carried by Tim O’brien, O’Brien uses many short stories to describe his experience in Vietnam.

The story that captured many aspects of writing was “How to Tell a True War Story” because it acts as a guide to writing a true story.

”(68) The last strategy that O’Brien uses in this story is irony.

There are many places in this story when O’Brien’s ideas contradict themselves.The next section is describing the correct way of writing a “true war story”.And the last is O’Brien looking back on stories and his story telling techniques.Another rhetorical strategy that O’Brien uses is motif. This quote is basically saying that a true war story tells it how it is; it doesn’t try to make things easier for the reader to digest.The motif that he uses is “…true war story…” He uses this phrase throughout the story to help the reader understand how to write a story. “You can tell a true war story if it embarrasses you.The last place of irony is when O’Brien says that this story was actually a love story.When most people think of death and war they think of sadness and tragedy.Another place where he displays irony is in the beginning of the story he says that Curt Lemon died when he was playing a game with Rat Kiley but later on, after he’s given some advice on how to write a true war story, he tells the reader how Curt Lemon actually died.This is ironic because he is giving advice on how to write a story but he didn’t take his own advice.The theme of “How to Tell a True War Story” is that everything is not what it seems. When most people want to tell a story about war they will try to sugar coat it so the reader or listener will understand it better.But to truly understand something you need to get the full aspect of it.


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