Tkam Boo Radley Essay

by Harper Lee, Boo Radley had a huge impact on the character development of both Jem and Scout.He taught them that one cannot judge a person on based on something as insubstantial as rumors.

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Later, when Miss Maudie's house is burning to pieces, and Scout and Jem stand in front of the Radley porch, someone covers Scout's shivering frame with a blanket.

Although she does not realize it at the time, it is Boo Radley, and only when Atticus inquires over the blanket, does Jem realize this.

The community's fear of outsiders causes the children to create ridiculous rumours about Boo such as in the line "Almost died first year I come to school and et them pecans-folks say he pizened 'em and put 'em over on the school side of the fence." This again shows how intolerance of Maycomb's adults has turned the children against Boo. Conclusion he ain't never hurt us." This contradicts his initial suspicions about Boo.

Scout on the other hand, is reluctant to discard her beliefs.

Thus at this stage, the only While escaping from Mr.

Radley in his yard, Jem's pants get torn and he has to leave them behind.

Upon writing a note thanking the giver of the presents, they find the knothole cemented and blocked.

It is here that Jem realizes that Boo is obviously not the mysterious phantom he is made out to be; rather he is extending a hand of friendship to the kids, but even this opportunity has been seized from him by his elder brother.

Radley kept Boo out of sight, in the line "Jem figured that Mr.

Radley kept him chained to the bed most of the time." This shows how the hearsay and gossip of society has become ingrained in the minds of the children despite Atticus' efforts.


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