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Ikemefuna lives in the hut of Okonkwo’s first wife and quickly becomes popular with Okonkwo’s children.He develops an especially close relationship with Nwoye, Okonkwo’s oldest son, who looks up to him. Brown - The first white missionary to travel to Umuofia. Brown institutes a policy of compromise, understanding, and non-aggression between his flock and the clan. Brown, Reverend Smith is uncompromising and strict.The prototypical racist colonialist, the District Commissioner thinks that he understands everything about native African customs and cultures and he has no respect for them.

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Their relationship is atypical—Ezinma calls Ekwefi by her name and is treated by her as an equal.

Ezinma is also Okonkwo’s favorite child, for she understands him better than any of his other children and reminds him of Ekwefi when Ekwefi was the village beauty.

Okonkwo too becomes very fond of Ikemefuna, who calls him “father” and is a perfect clansman, but Okonkwo does not demonstrate his affection because he fears that doing so would make him look weak. He even becomes friends with prominent clansmen and builds a school and a hospital in Umuofia. Reverend James Smith - The missionary who replaces Mr. He demands that his converts reject all of their indigenous beliefs, and he shows no respect for indigenous customs or culture.

Unlike Reverend Smith, he attempts to appeal respectfully to the tribe’s value system rather than harshly impose his religion on it. He is the stereotypical white colonialist, and his behavior epitomizes the problems of colonialism.

However, he maintains doubts about some of the laws and rules of his tribe and eventually converts to Christianity, an act that Okonkwo criticizes as “effeminate.” Okonkwo believes that Nwoye is afflicted with the same weaknesses that his father, Unoka, possessed in abundance. Ezinma - The only child of Okonkwo’s second wife, Ekwefi.

As the only one of Ekwefi’s ten children to survive past infancy, Ezinma is the center of her mother’s world.

He may well have been a dreamer, ill-suited to the chauvinistic culture into which he was born. Obierika looks out for his friend, selling Okonkwo’s yams to ensure that Okonkwo won’t suffer financial ruin while in exile and comforting Okonkwo when he is depressed.

Like Nwoye, Obierika questions some of the tribe’s traditional strictures.

Ezinma is her only surviving child, her other nine having died in infancy, and Ekwefi constantly fears that she will lose Ezinma as well.

Ekwefi is good friends with Chielo, the priestess of the goddess Agbala.


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