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Dissemination of new knowledge at technical conferences and in peer-reviewed archival publications is an important part of research.

There are three student profiles in the ME Ph D program: (1) Direct Ph D students that are admitted without a relevant Master's degree, (2) students who enter the Ph D program with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or a relevant field, and (3) students who enter the Ph D program with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering or a relevant field from the University of Michigan.

The ME Graduate Chair will then work with the student (if necessary) to arrive at a satisfactory plan.

An RCC Plan is comprised of the following components: The GPC will review and (if appropriate) approve RCC course plans based on their accordance with the course distribution requirements specified above and their academic rigor.

Students should complete 8 hours of responsible conduct of research and scholarship (RCRS) training by the end of their 3rd term of enrollment.

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Once a student has completed 6 credits of ME 590, they should take 8 credits of ME 990 per term.The Rackham Graduate School will handle appeals relating to procedural issues of fair and equal treatment by the program.To select a research advisor, the student should talk to faculty members in potential areas of research interest. student has a Master's prior to attending U-M or not, all students should take at least 6 credits of research (ME 590) in the first two-three terms of the Ph D program.Once a student reaches Candidacy, 8 credits of ME 995 research credits are taken every term until the student defends their dissertation. students admitted without a relevant Master’s degree): All Ph D students must take four Research Core Curriculum (RCC) courses in the first two semesters.Typically students will enroll in two Research Core Curriculum courses in the first term, however some exceptions exist where students will only enroll in one or will opt to take three.A student should always discuss academic plans with his research advisor.The major ME program milestones all Ph D students complete: In addition to the academic component of the Ph D, students are encouraged to participate in professional development.Appeals Process for Probation and Dismissal: Students may appeal academic probation or dismissal decisions.Appeals pertaining to a students’ academic performance or progress in the program will be overseen by the Graduate Program Committee.Conducting research requires combining knowledge gained in the classroom with the ability to read the scientific literature, identify critical knowledge gaps, structure complex problems, formulate and test hypotheses, analyze and interpret data, and present and discuss technical results.Engineering research also requires significant experimental, computational, and analytical skills.


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