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Its organisation will depend on the type of exercise you have undertaken, and what requirements and constraints have been set by your assessors.

We always take these points into consideration when marking.

Turabian, Students Guide for Writing College Papers.

The essay marking service we provide here at Oxbridge Essays seeks to provide students with a better insight into their own essay writing so they can, in turn, improve their grades. How do we arrive at an estimated grade for your work? And, how does this compare to the marking process your university tutor or lecturer will use?

An effective introduction sets the scene immediately.

Within the first few sentences, it should be obvious what the rest of the essay is about.

What we look for in a great essay is likely to be the same as what your tutor is looking for.

Where we differ is in the level of attention devoted to providing feedback.

For students, this audience is usually a lecturer or tutor: a person with the power to give good or bad grades.

That's why having a professional pair of eyes review your work before you submit it can be invaluable.


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