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Consequently, the second group of arguments focused on the political influences of the Iroquois League that largely came about due to the supposed Franklin-Canastego connection as evident on the certain passages that show similarities between their words.In relation with this, it has also been theorized that the Albany Plan of Union was a result of Franklin’s meeting with the Iroquois.Elisabeth Tooker asserted that Grinde and Johansen’s logic and study of the Iroquois political culture was a result of a scholarly misapprehension.

This is evident on instances wherein the “white mean” were often denied of the right for a fair trial by the jury and were often given by huge and unjust taxes (307).

On the other hand, the second major argument could be lifted from the proponents of the influence thesis: Grinde and Johansen. Hewitt who is a Smithsonian Institution ethnologist and Tuscarora (591).

In addition with this Payne also asserted that the Articles of Confederation was created 20 years after the supposed influence of Benjamin Franklin, hence the weakening of the claim that the Iroquois League indeed directly influenced the creation of the American Constitution.

Background of the Problem On 1987, the 1987 Bicentennial of the United States Senate passed Senator Daniel Inouye’s claim “to acknowledge the contribution of the Iroquois Confederacy of Nation to the development of the United States Constitution” (Levy 1996, 589).

Consequently, the author said that these “wild savages” selected their “own Sachems and forms of religious worship; and made their own laws and tribal regulations” (307) which perfectly serves their need for the state of affairs that they are in.

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Furthermore, the author claimed that the “white men” experienced problems due to their “unreasonable laws and regulations imposed by a distant king and his local appointees” (307).

Abstract The Iroquois influence thesis on the American constitution which paved the way for the controversial theory of the Iroquois Confederacy and Great Law of Peace was pioneered by Donald Grinde Jr. For the purpose of this research, the paper aims to prove that: The Iroquois League influenced the framing of the American Constitution.

The influence thesis has been very controversial due to certain criticisms of the proponents’ logic of the study and treatment of its sources.

In order to prove the thesis statement, the research provided two major arguments in favor of the Iroquois influence thesis.

The first group of arguments center on the popular notion that Indians did possess a democratic form of government as evident on the fraternal organization of the Improved Order of Red Men during the Revolution of the Sons of Liberty.


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