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V manages to convince dissatisfied citizens to participate in a mass protest in masks to protect their identities.

V manages to convince dissatisfied citizens to participate in a mass protest in masks to protect their identities.

The movie highlights some of the injustices that citizens experience under such regimes.

V’s actions encourage citizens to stand against such injustices.

Viewers appreciate the themes in the movie especially the fight against oppressive political systems and discrimination.

Critics of the movie describe V as a terrorist or vigilante who encourages violence as a way of expressing dissatisfaction.

One dark V rescues a immature adult female called Evey Hammond and an improbable bond between the two emerges which consequences with Evey going Vs ally. and abandoning his single individuality underneath the mask is the incarnation of that. who is known for trying to blow up the British Parliament on November 5th. This besides ties back to abandoning the person behind a greater ideal – Guy Fawkes comes to stand for rebellion in a larger sense. Evey’s transmutation culminates when she dons the mask. V is besides the Roman numerical for “5” the cell figure V was in. Interestingly this is besides linked into the music in the film. who wrote the autobiography on lavatory paper that she passed to V during their captivity. That autobiography inspired V to populate without fright.

one adult male known merely by the name V dares to stand up to the authorities and is labeled as a terrorist. V’s true individuality is ne’er revealed because it doesn’t affair who he turned out to be – he represents a greater ideal. it represents going accountable for oneself and personal growing. V was used as the “Victory” symbol and morphed into the two fingered “peace sign” . The vermilion Carsons ( sort of rose ) were grown by the sapphic lover of Valerie. Jose Rizal in El Filibusterismo aims at edifying the society.

V for Vendatta was received well when released in 2006.

Online reviews indicate that the movie is an entertaining political thriller.

Critics argue that violence or mass protests are not the right way to express one’s position or opinion.

V is portrayed as a hero who successfully fights a government system, which is not practical in real life.


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