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Volcanoes pose the greatest natural hazard over time scales of several decades and longer, and at longer time scales they have the potential for global catastrophe (Figure 1.2).While cloud produced by the August 7, 2008, eruption of Kasatochi (Aleutian Islands, Alaska) drifting over the lower 48 states and Canada on August 15, 2008.Eruptions are influenced by the tectonic setting, the properties of Earth’s crust, and the history of the volcano.

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Most of Earth’s atmosphere, water, and crust were delivered by volcanoes, and volcanoes continue to recycle earth materials. More than a dozen are usually erupting at any time somewhere on Earth, and close to 100 erupt in any year (Loughlin et al., 2015).

Volcano landforms and eruptive behavior are diverse, reflecting the large number and complexity of interacting processes that govern the generation, storage, ascent, and eruption of magmas.

Currently volcanic eruptions cannot be predicted, though most of the big, active volcanoes are routinely monitored and authorizes warn when they think an eruption is likely.

Read below for the latest news on volcano monitoring and research, current volcanic eruptions and to see amazing pictures of volcanoes.

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The 2008 eruption of the unmonitored Kasatochi volcano, Alaska, distributed volcanic gases over most of the continental United States within a week (Figure 1.1). Volcanic heat provides low-carbon geothermal energy. Moderate to large volcanic eruptions are infrequent yet high-consequence events.

The impact of the largest possible eruption, similar to the super-eruptions at Yellowstone, Wyoming; Long Valley, California; or Valles Caldera, New Mexico, would exceed that of any other terrestrial natural event.

The 2014 steam explosion at Mount Ontake, Japan, killed 57 people without any magma reaching the surface. generation of geothermal energy accounts for nearly one-quarter of the global capacity (Bertani, 2015).

Many volcanoes in the United States have the potential for much larger eruptions, such as the 1912 eruption of Katmai, Alaska, the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century (Hildreth and Fierstein, 2012). In addition, volcanoes act as magmatic and hydrothermal distilleries that create ore deposits, including gold and copper ores.


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