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Worryingly I am not the only one and it is not just my university where this has happened.My boyfriend, who graduated from another London university a few years ago, had a similar experience.I clicked through, and the results had been altered but still my overall grade showed as 2:2.

My emotions got the better of me and I didn’t check the breakdown of my grades.

I was disappointed and couldn’t face further disappointment.

It was only two weeks later, after being urged by my family, that I decided to check my results in full.

To my surprise my exam results were good, in fact much better than I had anticipated.

After several emails, the faculty confirmed my essay marks and arranged for my exam results to be amended.

Soon afterwards I was sent an email informing me that my results had been changed and could now be seen on the online portal.Like most students, I anticipated results day this year with nerves, dread and an endless reel of possible scenarios in my mind.No matter how well your exams go, there will always be that doubt that maybe they didn’t quite go to plan.However half of my essay results, a huge chunk of my final-year grade, were missing, with the results “NR” (not recorded).I realised that my grade had been calculated as if I had never done those essays, and that had brought it down.Who knows how many degrees might have been wrongly recorded owing to admin errors?But perhaps what is most saddening is the message this sends to students.Why I was surprised by this whole admin fiasco, I’m not exactly sure.My university is brilliant and the teaching is excellent but I have had problems with admin.If anyone checked they would have noticed the error, and it makes me wonder if universities see students as just cogs in a machine.You’ve (hopefully) been revising properly, avoided Netflix like the plague and reduced your social life to a shadow of its former self, all so you can ace your upcoming exams.


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