Was Religion The Main Cause Of The English Civil War Essay

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Charles was able to rule alone for 11 years, using legal loopholes to squeeze money out of his subjects and avoiding wars. Facing a rebellion in Scotland (of which he was also king), Charles found himself in desperate need of cash to stamp it out and so decided to summon parliament.Parliament took this as its opportunity to discuss its grievances with the king, however, and it only lasted three weeks before Charles shut it down again.The English civil wars were made up of fighting, which took place in British Isles between Parliamentarians, who were people who supported Parliament, and Royalists, who were people who supported King Charles I ("English Civil Wars" 499).

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Over the ensuing months, the crisis deepened and war seemed inevitable.

In early January 1642, Charles, fearing for his safety, left London for the north of the country.

The war spanned nearly a decade, beginning on 22 August 1642 and ending on 3 September 1651.

Historians often divide the war into three conflicts, with the First English Civil War lasting between 16; the Second between 16; and the Third between 16.But they are also steeped in history, and filled with powerfully emotive and atmospheric sites.Watch Now The third war, meanwhile, involved the supporters of Charles I’s son, also called Charles, and supporters of the Rump Parliament (so-called because it was made up of the remnants of the Long Parliament following a purge of MPs hostile to trying Charles I for high treason).The English civil wars and the dearth to a king could have been prevented if the law of England, which was made in 1215 (Magna Carta was followed by King Charles I. The beginning of the English civil wars can be traced back to when King Charles I married Herietta Maria, who was the daughter of Henry IV of France ("English Civil War Timeline").This marriage didn't go to well and was the talk of the country because she was a Catholic.Before the outbreak of the war, England was governed by an uneasy alliance between the monarchy and parliament.Although the English parliament did not have a large permanent role in the system of governance at this time, it had been around in some form since the middle of the 13th century and so its place was fairly well established.Six months later, on 22 August, the king raised the royal standard in Nottingham.This was a call to arms for Charles’ supporters and marked his declaration of war against parliament.What is more, during this time it had acquired de facto powers which meant it could not easily be ignored by monarchs.The most important of these was parliament’s ability to raise tax revenues far beyond any other sources of revenue available to the monarch.


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