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Please discuss this with your family and note down (neatly) as many ideas as you can.MS Word Weekly Homework Schedule Template Software is an easy to use tool that was especially designed in order to provide you with a simple means of building personalized schedules for homework you have to do.

Please discuss this with your family and note down (neatly) as many ideas as you can.

A simple design as to not be complicated (keeping track of a busy academic schedule is enough!

), it can be tailored to suit the student’s particular needs.

The bookmark should be decorated on both sides in keeping with the theme of the book, and should have your name on it clearly. Please do remember that if you find homework tricky, you shouldn’t worry about it; bring it in to school on Monday morning and one of us will look at it with you and help you.

Thank you for bringing in newspapers and for your hard work this week – your artistic creations are magnificent!

You will all be pleased to hear that we will be carrying on having more fun fashioning beautiful works of art out of newspaper and copious amounts of glue next week.

Thank you for your beautiful Easter egg designs last week.

This template includes five sections per page, with a space to designate the class, five lines for assignments, and due dates, in addition to a notes section along the bottom of the page.

A 5-class assignment tracking sheet to keep school homework organized in one spot.

Your homework task this weekend is to find out 5 or more interesting facts about wolves.

You can support your work with pictures or diagrams from the internet if you choose, but your written work must be in your own handwriting.


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