What Is Logic And Critical Thinking

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So it was reasonable for an illiterate 14th century peasant in Europe, for example, to believe that "Bubonic plague is caused by demon possession." even though we know that it is caused by the bacterial infection Yersinia pestis.

They were being reasonable given what they knew and the situation.

When people believed that the earth was flat, in fact, it was not.

The truth was that the earth was (and is) spherical. Evil demon possession does not cause bubonic plague.

Furthermore, since it is mind-independent, there are truths that are not believed by anyone.

There are truths about the location, speed, and mass of a rock that is floating in space around the Sun that no one will ever confront or learn, for example.Should you not complete your program successfully with a ‘C’ or better, pass, or drop the course by the institution’s 1st drop date, your participation in Trust programs may be suspended for a period of twelve months.Here are some concepts, principles, and distinctions that are foundational to good critical reasoning.The stronger one’s evidence for a proposition is, the stronger one’s belief in it should be. Truth The truth is what is the case or what the actual state of affairs in the world is.The truth is the state of the real, mind-independent world.The widespread conviction that the Sun orbits the Earth before Copernicus did not make that claim true.The Earth was orbiting the Sun while lots of people on Earth had an erroneous belief about reality in their heads.It evaluates the effects of advertising, politics, religion, and the news media.The course also explores the gulf between reasoning in theory and in practice.We form beliefs about it on the basis of our information.The truth is objective—it does not depend upon people. emains what it is whether we form beliefs about it or not.


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