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Work-Study wages are subject to the same federal, state, and local income taxes as any other earned income.

Work-Study wages are subject to the same federal, state, and local income taxes as any other earned income.However, students enrolled in classes and working for the University are exempt from the 6.20% Social Security (FICA) and 1.45% Medicare tax deductions.The Student Employment Office may provide the student with additional instructions on how their supervisor will approve their time each week.

[email protected] Resources: You may access self-service tip sheets and videos, available 24/7, to assist you in navigating [email protected], entering time, understanding your pay slip, or changing your pay elections (direct deposit).

A student employee is required to comply with the University’s Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources.

However, on-campus jobs must involve a program, project, or service that is provided to the general public in the local community.

On-campus jobs that serve only the campus community do not qualify as community service employment.

A student may postpone working until the spring semester. Federal Work-Study students are encouraged to pursue employment that is community service-related.

Community service positions contribute to the improvement in the quality of life for area residents by helping solve particular problems related to their needs.Penn/Federal Work-Study is a federal government and Student Financial Services subsidized work program, which provides on-campus and off-campus employment to eligible undergraduate and graduate students with financial need.While the program offers a variety of job opportunities, students are encouraged to seek community service work and/or work related to the student's course of study. The work-study award represents the maximum earnings potential while employed under the program for the academic year (fall/spring).In order for an off-campus employer to employ work-study students, the employer must sign an agreement with the University that will obligate the employer to pay a 30% matching share of the student’s gross earnings up to the maximum amount of the student’s academic year work-study award.Normally, employment in a foreign country is not permissible under the law. government facility such as an embassy or a military base.It is not required that the student be involved in delivering services directly.Both on-campus and off-campus jobs can qualify as community service work.A work-study student may only be employed off-campus by a nonprofit organization or government agency.The student cannot begin working until all required paperwork is completed by the student and employer.Job categories that are considered community service include: Per the U. Department of Education, students may be employed in community service positions that provide either direct or indirect services to the community.For example, it is acceptable for a Federal Work-Study student to be employed in a clerical position for a food bank.


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