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This form of production opened up immense creative possibilities for humanity to think, create and imagine, in contrast to the provincialism of feudal thought, while also closing off many of these possibilities for the working class.

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Marx, deeply influenced by Hegel, criticized the Young Hegelians, an intellectual circle he was once associated with, who believed that changes in society come about through ideas and language—quite similar to today’s postmodernism.

It was to examine society as it is and point to the possibility of a socialist society to arise from what exists.

In sharp contrast to utopian socialists, Marx sought to understand the inner workings of capitalism so as to “get mastery of it” and find the mechanism to overthrow it.

A central question for those awakening to political life today is this: What is Marxism, and what does it mean for our political analysis and practice?

To begin to answer this question, we must see Marxism not only as a theory but as a method of analysis and a political practice.


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