Writing A College Essay On Leadership

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To support the family, he tended neighboring farms; work became the top priority.Nevertheless, my father could not contain his zeal for knowledge.

While my peers won academic awards, I watched from the sidelines.

The true leader within me awoke one night while babysitting.

Being elected president has strengthened my ability to be a leader.

I have urged students that anyone can go from failing to principal's list as I did.

I overcame my early struggles, going from a remedial to principal AP calculus student.

I learned to continue a problem until I solved it, no matter how difficult. My readings, such as Ayn Rand's Fountainhead, caused me to think ambiguously.

Seeing student reports from D's to B's makes me feel accomplished as a leader.

I have been a leader in people's lives just as my father was in mine.

My guidance counselor was shocked that I went from barely passing to principal's list.

Nevertheless, rather than work for good grades, I worked to fuel my passion for learning.


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