Writing Custom Filter Angularjs

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A filter takes an expression and uses it as input to manipulate the expressions value and returns (ideally) a string, so it can be used in our HTML right away.

We can go even further and build a custom filter that depends on another service to manipulate the given input.

However, it turns out that, even if the 1.3 release looks like a feature release, it comes with a change that might break your existing code.

It handles all filters stateless by default and in this article we’re going to take a look at what this means and how we can deal with that.

To sum it up, make sure to flag your stateful filters as stateful in order to make them work with Angular 1.3.

Hopefully this article made clear why these changes are a requirement.It is added in angular to format the data that is being displayed on the view part Recommended Reading – What is ng-view in Angular JS?When we want to display the data in view part in a particular format in that scenario we can use Angular JS filter.We can display the data in the uppercase format, lowercase format etc.In whatever format, we entered the text but it can easily get displayed in any format by angular as per the type of filter used.Let’s assume we have a filter like this: that gets returned. Filters in Angular follow the same rules as other component types like services, factories etc, when it comes to dependency injection. Well, let’s take a look at what changed in Angular 1.3, so we get a better idea of what causes problems.So basically it’s totally fine and valid to have dependencies in filter components. In order to make Angular faster, a lot of changes landed in the 1.3 release that come with performance improvements. We talked about what filters do and how we can use them, but we didn’t talk about the fact, that they always came with a relatively big drawback. Having to many watchers registered can slow down our app, since the more watchers are registered, the more work has to be done during the changes, which makes our code execution much faster. Think about what that means in cases where your filter depends on other services, like our never changes.Along with this, we will learn built-in filters and custom filters in Angular JS.So, let’s get familiar with the new tool – Angular JS Filter.Angular JS filter is a tool, which we can use to format the data.With this filter, the user can see and modify according to the requirement.


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