Writing Prompts For High School Creative Writing

Here is an ever growing list of prompts that I use. I generally use these and ask them to write AT LEAST 2 paragraphs. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more.Enjoy our list of Writing Prompts for High School Students: Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M. As with anything else, consistent practice makes writing easier and more enjoyable.

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The best thing, for me, when it comes to creative writing ideas for high school is that they can come from anywhere & everywhere; there is no right or wrong in creative writing; it is all about letting the leash off of your imagination and swimming with the flow of your thought waves.

This is what sets creative writing apart from academic & business writing and also makes it the people’s top pick (in my view, so don’t sue me).

The rabbit takes off like a lightning bolt yet again but when he looks behind him after reaching the half-point, he sees no turtle there. And to his awe, the turtle swims by him so conveniently that he makes it all seem effortless as he crosses the finish line swimming on his back.

This is just a small example of the kind of creative writing stories & creative writing projects that an individual can expect to be assigned as part of creative writing courses.

They are my favorite prompts, and I use them all the time.

For high school students I have found they tend to life short prompts that inspire the imagination a lot.

In today’s world no subject is off limits in the since that they have seen and heard almost everything through the internet and social media.

I of course keep my prompts appropriate, but I mean nothing shocks these students.

In addition to various & diverse creative writing exercises, numerous spontaneous creative writing ideas can erupt from any direction; they can be inspired from a conversation between two children, from an interaction between adults etc.

The prime objective of this piece of writing is to narrate a few of the more academically inspired creative writing prompts.


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