Ww2 Causes Essay

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War crimes trials took place in Europe and Asia, leading to many executions and prison sentences.

Millions of Germans and Japanese were forcibly expelled from territories they called home.

In 1933 the German people voted for a leader named Adolf Hitler, who led a political party in Germany called the National Socialists or Nazis.

Hitler promised to make his country great again and quickly began to arm Germany again and to seize land from other countries.

Shortly before 5am on Friday 1st September, 1939, German forces stormed the Polish frontier.

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Tanks and motorised troops raced into the country over ground, supported by Stuka dive bombers overhead.

A total of 1.25 million Germans soldiers swept into Poland When did World War Two begin?

World War Two in Europe began on 3rd September 1939, when the Prime Minister of Britain, Neville Chamberlain, declared war on Germany. Click on the play button below to hear Chamberlain's speech (now the full speech) .

The German people were very unhappy with that outcome.

Nazism was considered to be a form of socialism, but was characterized by expansionism and racism.


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