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The collections include interviews with servicemen and women from many nations, evacuees and refugees, people who experienced the home front, and Holocaust survivors.Some collections offer the opportunity to download transcripts, listen to MP3s, or watch videos interviews.For older news and monthly ‘most read’ lists go to Archive Index.

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Encyclopedia of the Second World War The Second World War is a Spartacus Educational website and enables one to research individual people and events of the war in detail.

The sources are “hypertexted” so that the visitor can research the newspaper, organization, etc., that produced the source.

The World War II Sound and Image File Part of the The Historical Sound & Image Archive, this WWII “Sounds and Pictures Page” features interesting graphics and radio excerpts. Seventy-eight volumes have been or are being published and this website provides access to an extensive reader’s guide to the series.

Topics include: Aircraft, Propaganda Posters, Warships, Sound Effects, and more. See also: World War II Special Topics and World War II In The News.

Open Directory Project: World War II This comprehensive directory contains roughly 900 websites on the Second World War in the following categories: Air Forces, Arts and Literature, Atomic, Directories, Documents, Manuscripts and other Primary Sources, Education and Academic, Land Forces, Naval Forces, People, Regional, Theaters of Operations, War Crimes and Weapons and Equipment.

Armies of the Second World War “Armies of the Second World War” is an online database of day-by-day orders of battle and information about hundreds of division, brigade, and regiment-sized units in World War II.There are several subsections including those on: Background to the War; Nazi Germany, Chronology of the War, Political Leaders, European Diplomacy, Major Offensives, British Military Leaders, USA Military Leaders, German Military Leaders, Japanese Military Leaders, The Armed Forces, The Air War, The Resistance, Scientists & Inventors, War at Sea, Resistance in Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, War Artists, Weapons and New Technology.Hyper War: World War II Hyper War is a “hypertext” history of the second World War and features diplomatic and political documents.Its goal is to be as complete as possible about the history of WW 1939-1945 and serves as a well organized gateway to numerous sources.Information and links are organized around a timeline of events.The World War II section contains an introductory movie and short essay on the conflict as well as historic images and artifacts.Avalon Project: World War II Documents The Avalon Project at Yale Law School: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy offers a varied array of primary source documents on World War II as part of its major collections.The content is made up, primarily, of “public domain” (non-copyright) materials in English: Official government histories (United States and British Commonwealth/Empire); Source documents (diplomatic messages, Action Reports, logs, diaries, etc.); and Primary references (manuals, glossaries, etc).Wherever possible, hyperlinks between these histories and documents have been included.World War II Resources Dedicated to combatting “history by sound bites,” the “Pearl Harbor Working Group” has produced this varied collection of original documents regarding all aspects of the war.BBC News On This Day | World War II On This Day features significant stories broadcast by BBC News since 1950 and includes a World War II section. Nearly all the stories contain video or audio and are written as if the event had just occurred.


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